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Classic Light Bamboo Safety Razor

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The Jungle Culture double-edged safety razor is precision engineered and made from a natural with a plastic-free bamboo handle. It's light in colour and has a long thick handle for secure grip and comfort and a stainless steel safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation. 

This sustainable and zero-waste razor is reusable and comes in a gift box with a Jungle Culture trademarked jute travel pouch, perfect for both men and women. The matching stand is an extra purchase.

Set Contains: 1 x Reusable bamboo razor, 1 x Organic jute travel pouch, 1 x Sustainable gift box

This item does not include razor blades. Blades can be purchased here.


  • Plastic-Free with Sustainable Bamboo Handle - Perfect for Beginners.
  • Unisex Design - For Women and Men.
  • In a Kraft Gift Box with Jute Travel Bag.
  • Reusable Alternative to Disposable Razors.
  • Double Edge Blades are recyclable.

*It is illegal in the UK to purchase razor blades and razors when under the age of 18. By purchasing this, you are confirming you are over the age of 18 when buying this product.


  • The perfect sustainable present for him or her. Vegan friendly and zero waste.
  • Comfortable, weighted long bamboo handle – ideal for beginners.
  • Unisex razor. Perfect as a men's bamboo razor or a women's bamboo razor
  • Comes with a kraft paper gift box and a unique natural jute travel bag
  • DE Double edge safety razor – One blade fits all

How To Use

The Jungle Culture plastic-free double-edge safety razors use standard-issue universal razor blades, available to buy at BotaniVie or in most supermarkets, large pharmacies or barbershops.

We recommend using a quality eco razor blade from established brands such as Shark or Derby. To fit your razor blade, unscrew the razor head and place your double-edged blade between the two stainless steel parts that form the head, making sure that the ridges on the bottom half of the head point upwards.

Once the razor head is reattached and facing the correct way, your reusable bamboo razor is ready to use! You should use each razor blade no more than eight times per side (a total of 16 uses).

When you are finished with your razor blade, wipe clean and recycle.

How To Use Your Razor

The Jungle Culture plastic-free bamboo razors are very easy to use, and after 1 or 2 uses, you will have already mastered your new razor!

Before shaving, apply hot water and zero-waste shaving soap(or a similar shaving foam) whilst your safety razor soaks in hot water.

Once you are ready, tilt your new razor at a 45-degree angle, avoiding any diagonal movements and swiping either directly downwards or upwards in the same way that you would use a disposable razor.

From time to time, rinse your safety razor bamboo handle and razor head with hot water to avoid build-ups of hair, and once you have finished shaving, be sure to wipe your razor until dry with a tissue or cloth. This will ensure that no rust builds up on the razor blade.