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Battle Green Coconut Husk Soap Rest

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This Coconut Husk Soap Rest is made from upcycled coconut husk, a waste product from the fabrication of other Battle Green accessories. A plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan-friendly way to store your soaps and shampoo bars. The fibres allow your wet bars to drain and dry out between uses.

At 7cm x 10cm in size, they are large enough to fit standard-sized soap blocks, dish soaps, and shampoo or conditioner bars - keep your soap bars dry and they will last even longer!

Dimensions: 7cm x 10cm


  • 100% upcycled from waste coconut husk.
  • 100% Plastic-free. 
  • Allows soap to drain & dry quickly.
  • Vegan & PETA Certified Cruelty-Free.


100% upcycled coconut husk.